What Is The Average Cost to Install A Dishwasher

What Is The Average Cost to Install A Dishwasher

We have said before that your pile of dishes will not get cleaned alone. Well, not without a dishwasher, that is. It is relieving to have one at home. However, you may still be concerned about the overall cost. Whether it is brand new or replacing your appliance, you’ll need proper dishwasher installation.  if you want it to be durable and operate smoothly. But, we not only enjoy excellent services, we often want the best prices, which is when you come to wonder, “what is the average cost to install a dishwasher?”.

Here in the Greater Toronto area, prices for dishwashers can go from $300 to even $1,000+. Still, you can get closer to an accurate estimate when you keep considering other factors as well. We go over them here, along with other helpful advice on affording dishwasher installation.

In What Area Do You Live?

You may see that dishwasher installation prices also range based on the specific area you live in. What we share above is the price range for the Greater Toronto area. Still, you can expect it to vary with location, which is why it is best to consider when planning your budget.

What Is Your Dishwasher Type, Brand & Model?

Even though the dishwasher installation cost doesn’t include the actual price of the appliance, it can be reflected in the overall cost you end up paying. Ultimately, it is a decisive factor in the total cost.

For instance, an LG dishwasher installation may not cost the same as a whirlpool dishwasher installation, depending on how much each model and brand costs. Additionally, there are different types of dishwashers like built-in, countertop, under-sink, etc. Better not forget to include it in your budget!

Do Fixtures Need to Be Installed For the First Time?

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It is easy to overlook other details about dishwasher installation. For instance, do you already count on the electrical and water fixtures required? When installing a dishwasher, it will have to connect to the water and electrical lines. Sometimes, this may be a straightforward task, but other times, it takes more work and resources. This last one may be the case when getting a dishwasher installation for the first time.

Replacements, however, are way more cost-effective because the lines, fixtures, and other things needed are already there. Hence, the job is less labor-intensive, and consequently, the cost is less too.

Do You Have Countertop Space for Your Dishwasher?

In most homes nowadays, it is more common to have room for your dishwasher already, as this sits below your countertop. Still, perhaps your home or apartment may not have the space. In this case, you will have to address this by providing a space for your dishwasher to be placed, increasing the installation costs.

Who Will Install Your Dishwasher?

It is the infamous question regarding a dishwasher installation. If you have the proper experience, knowledge, and tools, we would tell you to go ahead and save some money by installing your appliance yourself. However, as we saw before, dishwasher installation goes beyond simply plugging a few wires here and there. If you aren’t careful enough, you could damage your appliance or end up with many problems.

We would advise you to opt for professional appliance installation instead, which could save you money in the long run. Not to mention, you won’t have to take extra hassle!

How To Afford High-Quality Dishwasher Installation?

After review, you may have a clearer idea of the dishwasher installation cost, but you may still be wondering the best option to save money. Depending on your needs, you can browse for the best choice of dishwasher installation services

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