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About EZFix Appliance Repair Aurora


Highly Trained Appliance Technicians in Aurora, Ontario


Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Dishwashers, and other Aurora Appliance Repair Services


The EZFix Appliance Repair Aurora team is committed to providing excellent customer service to everyone. We also provide installation and repair services for domestic appliances.

Health and safety are at the forefront of our skilled technicians’ in-house training.


No matter what make or model your appliance is, we can help you! We offer a warranty on all of our parts and repairs.


Our honesty, reliability, and availability are guaranteed. We strive to be Aurora’s reliable appliance repair service that you can count on.


EZFix Appliance Repair Aurora offers the following benefits:


  1. Experienced technicians who are polite and highly skilled
  2. Support staff that is friendly and helpful
  3. Same-day repairs of your service request whenever possible
  4. Warranty on your appliance repair: parts and service
  5. An excellent level of customer satisfaction

Included in our services are:


  • Washing Machine Repair & Installation
  • Dryer Repair & Installation
  • Refrigerator Repair & Installation
  • Dishwasher Repair Service & Installation
  • Electrical Stove Repair & Installation
  • Electrical Oven Repair & Installation
  • Microwave Repair Services & Installation
  • Same-Day Appliance Repair Services

EZFix Appliance Repair Aurora provides service to Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Bradford, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Markham, Vaughan, Bolton, Tottenham, Uxbridge, Sutton, Caledon East, Alliston, Ajax, Pickering, and the surrounding areas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see energy savings after having my appliances repaired?

It depends on the repair. If your appliance is not working efficiently and we repair the problem, you could see an energy savings. That said, if we repair your oven, it will work as it did before

Why Choose EZFix Appliance Repair Company?

In addition to being local, EZFix Appliance Repair also offers warranties on all repairs, OEM parts, competitive pricing and free service calls with any repair we provide. 

Established in 2018, EZFix is a family-run and operated-husband and wife team and customers are our number oe priority. 

Our technicians are WSIB and liability insured and all gas appliance repair is completed by TSSA-licensed technicians. Providing repair, maintenance, and installation services for all major brands and models is what we do.

We put our business connections to good use to benefit our customers and can provide referrals. We always do our best to help with any project required around the house: HVAC, duct and vent cleaning services, plumbing, electricians, cabinetry, and more!

Competitive Prices

Our experts provide estimates before they arrive on-site to ensure there will be no hidden fees or unexpected expenses. EZFIX Appliance Repair Aurora prides itself on offering part and labour prices that are competitive!

Certified & Insured

EZFIX Appliance Repair Aurora guarantees the best service! Our experts hold insurance policies to assure you that you are choosing the right professionals.

Trusted & Experienced

We guarantee that our highly-qualified specialists will perform all repairs using only brand-new, original parts.

We understand better than anyone how important it is to be able to rely on your household appliances to run smoothly. That is why each of our technicians is a handpicked, highly-trained professional with years of experience repairing residential and commercial appliances. We work exclusively with certified suppliers and use the best quality, original parts. EZFIX Appliance Repair Aurora covers each repair with a service and parts warranty.

What kinds of appliances do you repair, replace, maintain and install?

We install, maintain, and repair the following:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Washers
  • Dryers

Do you offer free job estimates?

We will always waive the estimate cost when repairing, installing, or maintaining your equipment.


Do you offer service guarantees?

Repairs are covered by warranties ranging from 30-180 days, depending on the manufacturer and part.

What is the best way to schedule an appointment?

Email or the contact form on the website are the best ways to get in touch. Customers are always welcome to call the office. 

Do you do commercial work or just residential?

Commercial work is not advertised, as we consider each job individually. However, we will take it into consideration.

How do I choose a reputable company?

Almost all Toronto companies provide reviews for their services so potential clients can learn more about their product or service and determine if the company is a good fit. Usually, serious businesses that conduct open business have more than one place where reviews can be viewed.

The most common review sites for appliance repair GTA are Homestars, NiceLocal, and Yelp.

Ensure the appliance repair service meets your standards by checking reviews written by previous customers. Previous customers may mention work ethics, quality of work, praises, or concerns.

Almost 89% of global customers read reviews before making a purchase, and you should do the same. Appliance repair Toronto reviews can help you understand:

  • A company’s reputation. Consumers rated reliability, expertise, and professionalism among the most important business traits.
  • Work quality. Does the rate reflect the quality of their work?
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • If they show respect and courtesy

The best way to determine whether to invest your hard-earned money in appliance repairs is to compare the services available and their reviews. By comparing, you will better understand appliance repair value. If you want quality service at a reasonable price, choose an Aurora company with high ratings and reviews, like EZ Appliance Repair.


What should I do when my appliance breaks?

In the end, the decision as to whether you should repair or replace your appliance depends entirely on the cost of the repairs. It is always best to repair your device if the costs are minimal. Conversely, if the costs are considerably high, it is better to buy a new appliance.

When evaluating repair costs, it is important to consider the appliance type. The price of household appliances such as washers, refrigerators, and dryers is so high that even if repair costs are high, they may not equal half the cost of a new appliance. It may be a better idea to repair your device in this case.

How do I know the repair technician I choose is reputable?

To help you choose the right appliance repair technician, we will first explain the different approaches to choosing a technician.

Online Searches

You can find all the information you need about countless services on the internet. For example, you can browse through the pages of repair shops to find out how they operate.

A quick Google search can give you options for a dishwasher repair in Newmarket or a washing machine repair in Aurora.

Reputation and Customer Service

Business owners will not comment negatively on themselves; the same goes for repair shops. You can check for customer reviews under the repair shop’s page, but don’t limit yourself to positive reviews.

Read as many reviews as you can. Positive reviews can be fabricated and written by the company itself. Look for negative remarks and the ratio of good to bad reviews.

How the company responds to negative comments should give you an idea of how professional the company is.

Extensive Experience

Whenever you are looking for an appliance repair technician online, check out their range of expertise. No one knows everything, but you should choose someone familiar with your appliance issue.

Ensure that the technician’s expertise has been confirmed before hiring him or her. You want to avoid further complications by hiring a technician with limited knowledge.

It is also important to consider the appliance’s model and its brand. If you need a fridge repair in the GTA, you’ll need to ensure the stove’s model matches the technician’s expertise. Our team of expert technicians service all major appliances and brands.

Get referrals

Referrals are another great way to find a good appliance repair technician. Family members or friends may have access to a technician they call when they need appliance repairs made.

The best thing you can do is ask your friends and family about the service they received from their repair technicians. You’ll most likely get an unbiased opinion from your friends and family regarding the service they received.

In addition to appliance repairs, you can ask the following questions:

  • Does the technician have a high level of efficiency?
  • In the future, would they hire the technician again?
  • Was your repair done promptly (same-day service/next-day service)?
  • Did the technician arrive within the agreed timeframe?
  • Did the repair company schedule your repair for a convenient time?
  • Did the repairperson conduct himself professionally?
Verify insurance and certification

The technician you hire should be certified and insured. This is why we suggest you check their credentials before hiring them. The appliance repair service provider technician’s certification indicates he/she has received extensive training and is well-equipped to repair your appliance.

As well as protecting you from liability during appliance repair, insurance protects you from legal damages if an accident occurs. It also ensures that the repairer does a good job.

Choose local repair services instead of big firms

Since you’ll mostly be using domestic appliances rather than industrial machines, we recommend getting local repair services instead of big chains. Local repair shops can provide faster and more personalized service.

Data from Consumer Reports National Research Center shows that people who patronize local repair shops are more satisfied with the customer service they receive for large appliance repairs.

Many local firms in Ontario employ technicians who are indigenous to the area and are familiar with the work. These technicians are more personal and caring.

Additionally, local businesses are often privately owned, which allows them more freedom. Big chains, on the other hand, are under strict corporate rules. They also rely more on reputation to thrive than brand recognition, which big chains care more about.