Issues With Your Dishwasher?

There are several warning signs that mean you need dishwasher repair:

  1. Overflowing & Leakage.
  2. Dishes left unclean after putting them in the dishwasher.
  3. Dishes do not come out dry.
  4. Improper drainage.
  5. The door latch fails.
  6. The dishes aren’t hot immediately after they come out of the dishwasher.
  7. Overfilling or underfilling.
  8. Your dishwasher doesn’t start at all.
  9. Excessive noise.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, contact EzFix Appliance Repair before you rush to look for a new dishwasher. We offer honest and trusted dishwasher repair services in the Greater Toronto Area. We can find the problem and eliminate it, and with that, your worries. Contact us today!

Avoid Any Hassle with Our Dishwasher Repair Services

When your dishwasher isn’t working correctly or stops working at all, the last thing you want is a repair job that aggravates the problem. Counting with a specialized and honest repair company is the way to go. At EzFix Appliance Repair, we work with brand new original parts and certified professionals only. You can safely invest in our dishwasher repair services to avoid the hassle of dishwashing and an enormous bill. Fixing your dishwasher is a simple process with us.


We Can Make Your Life Easier

Don’t let your dishwasher ruin your comfort. A dishwasher is meant to make life easier for homeowners and some business owners, not the opposite.

Preventive maintenance? New parts? A quick fix? Our dishwasher repair services will tackle any of your needs. With our services you’ll get:

  • Assistance for all dishwasher makes and models.
  • A trained specialist to execute the job.
  • New and manufacturer-certified parts.
  • Warranty on all repairs and parts.
  • Unmatched customer attention.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Upfront job estimates.

EZFIX Appliance Repair is proud to provide skilled, speedy and reliable appliance repair services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our staff and expert technicians always strive to provide superior customer service at affordable rates and shortest timeframe

Affordable Rates

Fast Response

Vast Experience

At EZFix Appliance Repair we are known for offering reliable appliance repair, maintenance & installation services for residential & commercial clients.

EZFix Appliance Repair works with new and manufacturer-certified parts for all appliance models. We also work with certified, trained, and experienced professionals that ensure a safe product.

You can trust our services and solutions for any of your appliance repair needs. Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty. We work with the best parts, equipment, and technicians to deliver high-quality results in every job.

If your appliances fail, EZFix is here to help.

You can rest assured that if one or some of your appliances fails, you can rely on EZFIX Appliance Repair to provide an efficient and long-lasting solution!