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Top Load Washing Machine: Is It Worth It?

When there are many options for anything, finding the right one is crucial, more so when it comes to home appliances. They are a significant investment that you want to last long and serve you well.

This is the case in the realm of washing machines. You have, of course, multiple brands, styles, and features to pick from and two main categories to select from— a front load or top load washing machine. In this post, we’ll be discussing everything about a top load washing machine to help you figure out if it’s worth the investment.

What Is A Top Load Washing Machine?

While there are numerous makes and models within the top load washing machine category, their distinctive trait is that they have the opening for your clothes at the top. Not only do you load your clothes there, but you also add your detergent and other products. This model can last from 8 up to 10 years.

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Reasons To Consider A Top Load Washing Machine

If you’ve been recommended to get a top load washing machine, you probably wondered, “Why are top load washers better?”. 

There isn’t a definitive answer but rather some criteria that will help you determine the best option. We explain the benefits of a top load washing machine below:

  1. First and foremost, it is ideal for those looking for an economical alternative. These models usually have a lower upfront investment and installation costs, which makes it more suitable if you’ll be living in an apartment or a short amount of time in a home. 
  2. One of its main perks is also comfort. Many people have to kneel to use a front load washer, which is not great if you suffer from back pain or related problems. You can use a pedestal for a front load washer, resulting in additional expense. A top load washing machine allows you to place your clothes comfortably.
  3. Once the front load washer’s door is closed, you can do nothing. Some top-load washers lock up the lid, but generally, they keep running while it is open. If you forgot to, adding more clothes won’t be a problem.
  4. Top load washers can also resist heavy loads when adding more clothes. You can certainly accommodate more in a full load washing machine.
  5. Regarding its actual cycles, these only take between 15 to 30 minutes. Great if you don’t like to wait around a lot!
  6. Lastly, if energy efficiency is a priority, you can achieve that with a top load washer. You just need to use cold water.

Cons Of A Top Load Washing Machine

It is essential to consider the benefits and the downsides of having a top load washing machine because you may find it doesn’t suit your needs well. The cons of a full load washer are:

  • Less energy efficiency (with hot water)
  • Use more resources (water and detergent)
  • More maintenance required
  • Noisier

Considerations & Best Brands

Suppose you are planning on purchasing a top-load washing machine. In that case, you should always consider your budget, current space, special features required, and the brand and model.

The quality can vary significantly with the brand, which is why we all wonder which brand is the best for a top load washing machine. You have a few options you can choose from:

  • LG (WT7100CW to WT7900HBA)
  • Samsung (WA50R5400AV or WA52M7750AV)
  • Whirlpool (WTW7120HC)
  • Maytag (MVW7230HW – MVW7232HW)

Get An Efficient Product Through Professional Installation

After everything we shared, you can deem a top load washing machine worthy or not. If you acquire one, the washing machine repair and installation services you choose are also crucial. 

At EZFix Appliance Repair, we can work with all makes and models, so whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for more blogs, or contact us with your doubts!