Installing a range hood is the subject of many questions. Who to call? How to install it? Which option is better? We have come down to learn and figure all the processes out as professionals. We want you to have the best advice regarding appliance installation and repair. Because of this, we have gathered these FAQs in this blog and answered them! Learn more:

What You’ll Need For Installing a Range Hood Per Type

In simple terms, range hoods are classified depending on where they are mounted. Does the type affect how easy installing a range hood can be? Let’s take a look at the installation process of each range hood:

  • Wall Range Hood: Wall range hoods are mounted against your kitchen wall. They also come in different designs. To install it, mark the center of the wall space on top of your cooktop where the range hood will be placed. Prepare the ductwork and the outlet to make them accessible.

Attach the ceiling bracket as well as the mounting anchors and screws. Hang the range hood and finish screwing it to the mounting anchors, making sure it is leveled. Connect the exhaust to the ductwork with aluminum tape. After measuring the right height for the chimney, place it on top of the range hood base and secure it. The outside vent is screwed to the bottom of the hood and the inside to the ceiling mounting bracket. After that, your installation work is finished.

  • Under Cabinet Range Hood: Under-cabinet range hoods are attached to an upper cabinet. To do so, you’ll have to prep the cabinet first by making holes for the ductwork and the electrical spot. The next step requires you to lift the range hood making sure it is leveled to screw it to the cabinet. At last, connect the ductwork to the exhaust and plug the range hood into the outlet.
  • Island Range Hood: An island range hood, being isolated, has to be mounted to the ceiling, and it will require a crawl space where you can plug it, as well as ductwork. Suppose you are installing an island range hood. In that case, you’ll have to attach a ceiling mounting bracket in the center after measuring and attach angled brackets to the mounting bracket with the right height. 

After that, you can proceed with the range hood installation by connecting the plugs. If there isn’t an outlet in the crawl space or attic, you’ll have to click the range hood to a power cord after cutting the wire (Seek the help of an electrician). Finally, you can slide the chimney inside the angled brackets, screw it, lift the range hood to connect it to the ductwork, screw it, slide the vent down, and you are done.

What Do You Need For Installing A Range Hood?

  • A bit of experience with household repairs or installations.
  • The right tools + knowledge on how to handle them.
  • Learning about your house’s ductwork.
  • A bit of electrical knowledge (for island range hood installation).
  • A helper or cabinet jacks.

Is It Possible Installing a Range Hood By Yourself?

Based on what we touched on about the different installation methods for a range hood, you can determine if installing a range hood is a DIY project you can attempt. If you have everything you require for installing a range hood, go for it!

If you still want professional help, we show you where you can recur for installing a range hood.

Who Installs Range Hoods?

People often doubt who installs range hoods? Is it a handyman, HVAC contractor, or electrician? For some projects, it may be hard to figure out who to call. Still, nowadays, we have more specialized professionals focused on each area of all industries. So what is it in the case of range hood installation? —Drum roll— It is none other than appliance installation technicians!

An appliance installation technician trained for installing a range hood sums up all the knowledge to get it right and achieve a smooth installation procedure. There is no doubt calling expert range hood installers is the best option!

What Is the Best Range Hood Installation Service?

People tell you you do not need to know everything for installing a range hood, and it is true. Still, appliance technicians see a bit of everything related to it. Experts offer the best range hood installation service, and among them, EZFix Appliance Repair is the top choice! Recur to us for range hood and appliance installation in the GTA!

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