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Front Load Washing Machine: Is It Worth It

Getting a washing machine isn’t a bad investment, but choosing the wrong one could be. With so many alternatives, doing so can be overwhelming. We want to help you choose correctly, and even though it’s hard to compare every single make and model out there, there is always a starting point.

Within washing machines, there are two main types. Our previous blog reviewed top load washing machines, and now it’s the front-load washing machines’ turn. Therefore, you can see for yourself which is the best for you!

What Is A Front Load Washing Machine?

First, let’s see what is unique about front load washing machines. A front-load washing machine has an opening for clothes in the front of the washer. This trait gives the front load washing machine some peculiarities:

  • The front door has to lock. Otherwise, the cycle won’t begin.
  • The lid is clear, and you can see what is happening inside.
  • The detergents and other products are introduced via a dispenser.
  • You don’t have to set the load size. It automatically detects it.

Should You Opt For A Front Load Washing Machine?

What makes a front load washing machine unique also gives it some benefits. It also raises the question, “what are the problems with a front load washer?” Looking at both and comparing them with your priorities will make deciding easier.

A front load washer is ideal for you if

  • You want energy efficiency: A front load washing machine uses a tumbling system to clean your clothes. It results in needing less water. The spin cycles are faster in these washers, reducing energy use when drying.
  • You want your clothes to be washed better: Many people have probably heard about this before and wonder, “Do front load washers wash better?”.The agitator system in a top load washer can be rough on clothes. The tumbling system cleans your clothes more gently in a front load washing machine. It also includes many features for diverse types of clothing.
  • You don’t want a lot of noise: Yes, they are quieter.
  • You want better drying: Because it spins at a higher speed, this washer model can extract water from clothes better, therefore reducing your drying times.
  • You don’t want to take up a lot of space: Many people stack their washer and dryer in their homes, which is only possible with a front load washing machine. If you don’t want to take up a lot of space from your home or apartment, these washers are ideal.
  • You want to wash larger loads: Relying on gravity instead of an agitator makes front load washers hold more significant amounts of clothing.

A front load washer isn’t suitable for you if

  • You don’t want to pay a higher cost upfront: The front load washing machine type can pose a more significant investment upfront due to their unique features and such. In the long run, the costs of both washers will even out. It’s all a matter of considering if the initial price is right for you.
  • You don’t want to bend over: Top load washers can be more comfortable to use because you don’t have to bend over. The solution would be installing a pedestal to raise your top load washing machine.
  • You want to avoid odors and mold: It is no stranger to hear complaints about mold problems and foul smells from the rubber gasket. It is a common problem in front load washers that will require constant maintenance and good airflow to prevent.
  • You might need to add clothes mid-cycle: Once a front load washer’s door closes, it closes forever. Alright, we are just exaggerating. Still, you can’t open the lid again until the cycle ends. It is good to keep it in mind if you are pretty forgetful.
  • You want faster washing cycles: Top load washers can get your clothes ready more immediately; they can be a little rough on garments.
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Which Is The Best Front Load Washing Machine?

After reviewing the pros and cons, you may be eyeing one of the two options. Still, you have to consider the brand and model too. If you want to know from every brand which is best for front load washing machine, here are some recommendations:

  • LG front load washer: WM3700HWA, WM9000HVA, WM3500CW
  • Samsung front load washer: WF45R6300AV, WF42H5000AW
  • GE front load washer: GFW850SPNRS

Get The Best Product Through The Best Service

One last piece of advice: the washing machine repair and the installation service you choose are just as necessary as the product itself. Through this, you can ensure your washer lasts longer and works all the time efficiently.

If you wonder which option is best for this, at EZFix Appliance Repair, we repair and install appliances of every make and model. We maintain high-quality always. Contact us and let us know how we may help you!

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