Plumber installing a gas appliance - Learn about DIY vs. professional gas appliance installation
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Can You Install A Gas Appliance On Your Own

Home projects can be good to save money, but there are different types of them, and some could be too dangerous to attempt on your own. For instance, installing a new appliance can be a home project you may be eyeing to do on your own. Still, when it comes to gas appliance installation, there is more to consider. We’ll discuss if you can install your gas appliance here.

Risks Of A Gas Appliance Installation

So why should you be more cautious when it comes to gas appliance installation? As handy as natural gas is for cooking, heating water, and other applications in your home, it is also dangerous when not handled carefully.

Natural gas is combustible, so there are risks of explosions or fires if there are leaks. These gas leaks are also hard to detect. Because this gas is odorless, it’s hard to tell right away if you have a gas leak. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can negatively affect your health.

The problem itself isn’t natural gas; it’s having the installation go wrong. A gas appliance installation is viewed as a simple process. Keep in mind before attempting a gas appliance installation yourself that any mistake, like a minor leak, can lead to high risks. Still, we’ll guide you through. 

Gas Appliance Installation FAQs

Many doubts can arise from DIY gas appliance installation. Most of this info is good to know before you attempt to do one yourself. We have answered the following questions to help you decide:

Do I Need A Permit For Gas Appliance Installation?

In Canada, you do. Unless you are a TSSA gas certified technician, you can’t attempt to do a gas appliance installation on your own. As a homeowner getting a permit is also not an option because you need to pass the proper training and get your certifications as a gas technician would. Hiring a technician who gets a gas permit to proceed with the gas appliance installation follows.

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Do I Need to Hire a TSSA Gas Certified Technician?

A TSSA gas-certified technician is a service provider approved by the TSSA for installation, maintenance, and equipment that operates with several combustible fuels, including compressed gas. These technicians are trained in safety to handle these jobs. Getting one is the best option for gas appliance installation.

Extra Tip: Many people wonder if you need a plumber to install a gas stove or other appliance. Suppose you need replacement, installation, or any other work with gas lines. In that case, you require an expert for this type of work, like a licensed & certified plumber. If your gas lines are already functioning and installed well, you may work with an appliance technician.

Do I Need An Inspection For Gas Appliance Installation?

After gas appliance installation, you require that work to be approved, which is why service providers and other sources will say you need an inspection. The purpose of this is to ensure the job is safe and you can use your appliance safely. A permit is necessary to request a review.

Do I Get Insurance Cover For Gas Appliance Installation By Myself?

Depending on your insurance. In some cases, you may risk losing your coverage

Expert’s Recommendations For Gas Appliance Installation

In the end, hiring a professional is always the right choice, especially for gas appliance installation. Not only because it is the safest option but because it is required to use your appliance. For gas appliance installation near The Greater Toronto Area, we are the safe choice. At EZFix Appliance Repair, our TSSA gas-certified technicians can assist you with any gas appliance installation. Get in touch with us!