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Golden Rules To Make Your Appliances Last Longer

You have made a significant investment in your appliances that naturally, you expect them to have a long lifespan. You know that you will be using most of them daily, which also means that they undergo constant wear, but you need them to deliver for longer.

Like with anything, there is the right way to do things: care for your appliances. When you follow the essential do’s and don’ts, they can even last for more years. We’ve gathered basic rules from our expertise, some of them to do yourself and some to keep in mind when hiring an appliance maintenance service, which applies to all types!

First & Foremost: Be Consistent With Everything

What we consider makes the most significant difference is consistent with appliance maintenance to make them last longer. It is a matter of being aware of routine tasks to keep your appliances for longer and recurring to an appliance maintenance service at the right time. This principle translates into our rules or tips to extend the lifespan of your household appliances:

Never Forget About Appliance Filters

You probably have heard this before, which is critical to keep in mind since many appliances have filters, like dishwashers, dryers, vacuums, and even range hoods. Some filters need replacing, and others cleaned. The main thing is that you do them when it corresponds.

A filter makes your appliance work smarter and not harder. If you are forgetful of feeling a little lazy, you may want to rethink neglecting your filters. If you let a long time pass without cleaning or replacing them, your appliances have to put in more work and get worn out faster. How much time takes to clean or replace a filter is nothing compared to what your machine could have lasted.

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Clean Your Appliances Regularly

Other appliances don’t have filters. They are all very diverse, but most of them have in common that consistent and adequate cleaning is needed. In some cases is dirt, in others grease, and even grime, but any shape or form of filth is terrible for your appliances AND your health. They can clog the components, preventing them from working efficiently and degrade them faster, such as promoting rusting. 

As a professional appliance maintenance service, we can’t stress the importance of cleaning appliances enough. For instance, key places to remember to clean are:

  • Fridge compressor coils.
  • Dryer vents (only a professional technician can do this).
  • Dishwasher gaskets.
  • Stove’s burner ports.

We touch more on how to clean appliances in another blog.

Don’t Exceed What They Can Handle.

Of course, your appliances are there to work for you and simplify household chores, but this doesn’t mean you can abuse the load you put in them. What we mean is that overfilling or stuffing your appliances beyond their capability will be detrimental.

For instance, overstuffing your washing machine and dryer will not be efficient in the long run. Fridges and vacuums are also appliances that you don’t need to overfill. In the case of your vacuum, you shouldn’t keep cleaning with a full.

Instead of doing the above, always use your appliances to what they can handle, which, in the end, it will be better for you as well. Just think about it, you will get cleaner clothes, and your food won’t rot or go rancid quickly.

Get Your Appliances Serviced In The Right Time

Now, we don’t tell you to regularly get an appliance maintenance service because some appliances require routine maintenance, and others require it when something goes wrong. Regardless of when you need appliance repair and maintenance, the key is not to wait or let it pass.

It is always important to pay attention to the signs. On each service page, we share some signs that your appliance requires repair. Additionally, counting on the right professional never fails. We shared why you should hire professional appliance technicians in a previous blog

What did you think about these rules? Do you follow all of them, or is there anything you could add? Please let us know and share this blog if you found it helpful! For further questions and consultations about your appliances, we are an expert appliance maintenance service. Don’t hesitate to contact us!