Perhaps you were going about your day as per usual until an unexpected issue with your dryer occurred. Maybe a weird noise, smell, low temperature could have caught your attention. Whatever the signs can be, they could indicate a broken dryer.

You may not be pleased to find out you have a broken dryer, but it doesn’t have to become a severe problem. There are common dryer repairs that most people can do. As experts in dryer repairs in Toronto, we share with you the most common solutions to fix your broken dryer and the ones for which you should call a professional.

Cleaning or Checking the Connection of Your Dryer Vent: 

Your dryer requires proper venting. When there isn’t good airflow, your dryer can overheat, and this can be caused either by a damaged or clogged vent. Common dryer repairs you can do include cleaning the vent with a vacuum or a long brush if it is small. However, if you have larger vents, it is best to call someone.

In other cases, a loose vent can cause a rattling noise. Check the connection of your vent to the dryer and make sure it is secured.

Replacing Dryer Rollers, Idler Pulley & Belt: 

Other vital parts that are subject to frequent problems are the roller, idler pulley, and belt. These elements are in charge of making your dryer spin correctly, but when they go wrong, you’ll need to replace them. You can identify when you need these common dryer repairs when there is also a noisy dryer.

Cleaning & Replacing the Lint Screen: 

It may not look like it, but the lint screen is one of the essential parts of your dryer. It prevents fibers from clogging the vent. Therefore, when there is no appropriate cleaning, other elements can go wrong. We suggest keeping an eye on when your lint screen gets clogged to clean it right away. If it is torn or damaged, it will require replacement.

Replacing Gas Valve Coils: 

If you have a gas dryer, these coils will allow the gas to come through the dryer when powered, but with time, they can become weak and need a replacement. You can tell when you need a gas dryer repair if your clothes are still damp when they come out of the dryer.

Replacing the Igniter: 

Once again, when you have a gas dryer, the igniter will require replacement if it’s burned or cracked, which you can visually inspect.

Replacing Thermal Fuse: 

The thermal fuse will prevent your dryer from overheating, but it can blow out when there is restricted airflow. Luckily, you can solve this with a common dryer repair before it blows. Make sure you constantly clean your vents and lint screen to prevent the thermal fuse from blowing. If it does, replace it.

Replacing Heating Elements in an Electric Dryer: 

However, if you do own an electric dryer, the heating elements in the dryer could be the ones that break, burn, and so on. If you spot signs like broken wires or burned spots, you should have them replaced.

Replacing the Cycler Thermostat: 

Sometimes, you can see that the temperatures in your dryer go too high or too low. When this happens, you will need one of the most common dryer repairs, a replacement.

Replacing Dryer Motor: 

Last but not least, a part that often requires common dryer repairs is the motor, which tends to overheat or not work at all, and neither will your dryer. If so, it will be time to get a new dryer motor.

When to Call A Professional

If you got the most common dryer repairs out of the way and you can’t seem to fix your broken dryer, a professional will be of great assistance in these cases. They can tackle the problem at once, prevent damage to your appliance, and help you save money in the long run.

Keep in mind that you will have to disassemble your dryer to make these repairs, so if you don’t feel confident doing this or don’t have the tools, expert help will be the best choice.

Also, we previously touched on gas dryer repair. Still, in general, gas appliances are best handled by professionals, which you can read more about in another blog. In our case, we are TSSA gas-certified technicians.

If you have any dryer problems but want to save money and guarantee your security, contact EZFix Appliance Repair. We are specialists in the rescue of your appliances!

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