Appliance Installation in Greater Toronto

Having an efficient and functional kitchen is the dream of any home chef. Efficiency in a kitchen can only be achieved through our appliances that make our lives (and cooking) easier. Since appliances are the foundation of modern life, it’s important to ensure that we install them properly. If you’re looking for a reliable appliance installation company in the Greater Toronto Area, make sure you call EZFix Appliance.

Why Call EZFix Appliance Repair?

Getting a new kitchen appliance is exciting for people who love to cook. But, besides being exciting, it’s also quite intimidating. What happens if you install your appliance wrong? What if you accidentally ruin it? Sometimes it’s better to leave it to the experts as they have the tools, skills, and experience installing appliances successfully.

We provide the best appliance installation solutions with outstanding customer service, making sure we’re fast and efficient. Our team of experts offers convenient appliance installation services so you can have the pro kitchen you’ve always wanted. When you call EZFix Appliance Repair, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re calling TSSA – gas certified technicians, with plenty of experience in appliance repair, installation, and maintenance.

Dishwasher Installation

Dishwashers are time savers essential to any busy household – and kitchen! Since we work with all major brands you can rest assured your dishwasher will be properly installed and ready to go.


Refrigerator Installation

From regular to high-end, count on our experts to install your refrigerator with no problems. We make certain that all the features and temperature regulators are working properly so you can enjoy your new fridge.


Range Hood Installation

Range hoods are essential in luxurious kitchens as they draw the steam, smells, and smoke from your stovetop out of your house through a vent. We have the proper equipment and expertise.


Kitchen Stove Installation

We’re TSSA – gas certified technicians specializing in gas stove and gas appliances. Call us if you need a smooth installation without dangerous leaks!


EZFIX Appliance Repair is proud to provide appliance installation services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our staff is composed of expert and certified technicians offering top-tier customer service at the best rates and shortest timeframe.

Affordable Rates

Fast Response

Vast Experience

At EZFix Appliance Repair we are known for offering reliable appliance repair, maintenance & installation services for residential & commercial clients.

EZFix Appliance Repair works with new and manufacturer-certified parts for all appliance models. We also work with certified, trained, and experienced professionals that ensure a safe product.

You can trust our services and solutions for any of your appliance repair needs. We offer up to 1 year warranties for repairs, parts, and labor. We work with the best parts, equipment, and technicians to deliver high-quality results in every job.

Need help installing your new home appliance? EZFix is here to help.

If you need assistance installing your new home appliance, you can trust on EZFIX Appliance Repair to provide a prompt solution at the most affordable rates!