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Got A Broken Fridge? Here’s What You Should Do

We’ve already discussed on our page what are the common signs you have a broken fridge, like malfunctioning, water leakage, or too much noise, and so on. Quickly addressing the problem will avoid wasting food and aggravating the issue.

Dealing with a broken fridge seems dreadful. You may start to wonder, Should you get a fridge repair? Should you straight-up replace it? Or should you try to fix your fridge yourself?

Don’t panic. As appliance repair technicians, we show you what you should do if you have a broken fridge, going through every crucial aspect. With our guidance, you will find the best and most affordable option to fix your broken fridge!

When you’ve got a broken fridge, the first thing to do should be disconnect it, empty it, and clean everything inside. To preserve your food, we recommend keeping it in a cooler. With that in mind, here is what follows:

Repair Vs. Replacement Vs. DIY?

This question is pervasive not only when dealing with a broken fridge but with basically anything that requires a repair. Of course, for now, we will focus on a broken fridge. 

When reviewing these three options, we understand you want to go with the most budget-friendly alternative to provide quality results. 

With this in mind, we immediately discard replacing your fridge because a new one is way more costly than getting a repair. New fridges can cost from $2,000 up to $8,000. 

You may be wondering, aren’t fridge repairs costly as well? They are significantly LESS expensive than getting a new one—this why, on our page, we show you that you will avoid an enormous bill. We are aware of the actual costs of repairing a broken fridge, and it’s way more affordable. We only advise getting a new fridge once inspected by an expert. If he or she tells you there is nothing left to do, then you should go ahead and invest in a refrigerator.

While repairing your broken fridge outperforms replacement, is a professional or DIY repair better? Unless you are a certified technician, we don’t recommend repairing your fridge on your own. Why? Consider these factors:

  • A specialist can obtain appliance and fridge parts to execute a repair at a better cost and guarantee they are in the best working condition.
  • Through expert knowledge, a repair is more secure. You can avoid fatal injuries that can lead to expensive medical bills or worse, which can cost a lot more than a repair in the long run.
  • Technicians count on proper training and years of practice in their field. Their training and practice help them detect what is causing the trouble more effectively and suggest an adequate alternative.
  • Apart from inspection, all the experience also accounts for the proper execution of a repair. You can significantly reduce the risks of damaging your broken fridge even more.

It is a given that a specialist can give you more certainty about the security of your investment. If you want to solve the issue as smoothly as possible, make sure you call someone for fridge repair.

Who to Call for Fridge Repair?

Knowing what to do right away when you have a broken fridge and the best option, the next question arises is who to call for fridge repair. Just saying “a professional” is a bit shallow. 

An appliance repair technician is a person dedicated to helping you fix your fridge and the rest of the appliances. There are a lot of them out there. To avoid making matters worse when you have a broken fridge, you must find a reliable appliance repair technician. Here is what you should look for when hiring the person who will fix your fridge:

Plumber repairing a refrigerator compressor
  • Years Of Experience: This is not to say a less-experienced technician is worse than one with many years in business. Still, we can’t deny that experience is key to a proper repair job, so it is good to keep in mind.
  • Certifications: It is highly questionable that a person without the proper credentials can repair your broken fridge. Appliance technicians need to be certified. Always check or ask this when hiring one.
  • Reviews or Referrals: They never lie. If the person you will contact is genuinely professional, clients will tell through reviews or referrals. You can even ask if there is someone who can refer to their job.

Preventing a Broken Fridge: Fridge Maintenance.

If your dentist or doctor has ever told you that regular maintenance is way better and less costly than repairing progressed damage, they were right. And the same thing applies to everything else, mainly, you guessed it, your fridge.

We at EZFix Appliance Repair always insist on the importance of appliance and fridge maintenance. Suppose you want to avoid a broken fridge all together to the best of your abilities. In that case, you need to give it regular maintenance. Performing refrigerator maintenance should ideally be every six months.

Preventive fridge maintenance will include cleaning condenser coils, replacing air filters, cleaning the icemaker, inspecting the motor, drainage, refrigerant, etc.

Now You Know

Got a broken fridge? Now you know what to do. Our last and top recommendation is to choose a superior company that is up for the task. Luckily, you have just found it. Contact us if you want more information or require a refrigerator repair today!