Average Appliance Installation Costs

Do you want to find out what the average appliance installation cost? `is a great idea to get a guide to compare prices among your options for appliance installation services or start planning your budget.

Being in the industry for years, at EZFix Appliance Repair, we will dedicate this blog to explaining the appliance installation cost.

What Are the Average Appliance Installation Costs?

The most complex appliance installation jobs say, for instance, a luxury kitchen can go up to $4,000 to $10,000. However, when we discuss the actual average appliance installation cost, it would be between $125 to $500.

It comes as no surprise that your appliance installation cost can vary. Some key factors that will affect your total costs will be:

  • Type of Appliance & Job difficulty: Some appliances are more difficult to install than others. Naturally, the hardest ones like range hoods or dishwashers will cost more to install.
  • Additional ductwork or hookups installation: Home appliance installation may have additional costs when running ductwork, water, gas, or electrical fixture lines.
  • Unique appliance configurations: A whole new category has surged in the latest appliance models and smart appliances. These or any other special configurations may increase or decrease your total appliance installation cost.
  • Space adjustments: Take a range hood installation example: an under-cabinet type of range hood may require some cabinet work to be installed or adjusting ductwork for the exhaust fumes. Another example could be a cooktop that will take extra countertop space. If any space adjustments are required to install the appliance correctly, it will affect the appliance installation cost.

Is Professional Installation The Best Option?

Our previous rundown for appliance installation cost shows that there can be more to home appliance installation than just plugging a machine. Luckily, genuine professional installers can take care of all the specific demands for each installation job.

We’ve mentioned the reasons to hire an appliance repair professional in a previous blog. These aspects apply to home appliance installation. A professional appliance installation technician will have years of experience, safety training, guarantee a quality job, and diminish the chance of accidents and damage to your appliances.

Overall, a professional will offer you maximum convenience. It will leave you with your appliance functioning, making sure it is operating in optimum condition.

How Can You Get Cheaper Appliance Installations?

As experts in the industry, we not only know how much an appliance installation cost is. At EXFix Appliance Repair, we help you lower your prices. Our appliance installation services are preferred among our clients not only because of their versatility but also because we have reasonable pricing. Maximizing your budget has never been easier. You have to recur to us!

Learn more about our services on our site, or stay tuned for more helpful blog posts!

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