Magna Golf Club Aurora, ON

Magna Golf Club, a fine private golf course with an 18-hole layout and a European-influenced restaurant, is located near Aurora, Ontario. The club boasts a modern, minimalistic design that was inspired by both architecture and nature.

Views of Modern Mansions

Magna Golf Club, created on a grand scale by golf course designer Frank Stronach, with vast bunkers reminiscent of “Golden Age” golf courses. In 2008, Stronach spent $17 million on the property.

Aurora, located in Toronto’s northern suburbs, is a lovely and desirable place to reside. With its variety of parks, lakes, and retail districts, it’s easy to see why this region is so popular. Furthermore, the area is home to some of Canada’s best schools. The average wage is likewise rather high.

The neighborhood listed above is one of the most desirable in Aurora. In the surrounding area, there are various schools, parks, and lakes. Aurora’s high-end real estate has also sparked attention. A house here costs more than $1 million on average. This is in addition to the affluent housing stock and high number of multimillion dollar houses in the neighborhood.

One of Adena Views’ most notable features is its proximity to a variety of famous institutions. The area is located near the transit infrastructure on Leslie Street and Wellington Street. Commuters from the neighbourhood may easily reach Toronto’s commercial sector.

A Fusion Between Nature and Design

Magna Golf Club is a true golfer’s dream, located in an exclusive, gated enclave with around 30 multi-million dollar property lots. Magna has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s best-kept courses due to its immaculate playing conditions and plenty of amenities.

The Magna Country Club’s 18-hole championship course is designed to give golfers a true sense of luxury. The legendary RBC Canadian Open, a PGA Tour marquee event, is also hosted at the club. A thorough plan for global television and digital media coverage further promotes the club’s exceptional facilities.

Some of the course’s most magnificent features include the practice range, the massive locker rooms with state-of-the-art restrooms and steam rooms, the top-notch golf shop, and the restaurant with a concentration on European cuisine. The club’s amenities include a caddy, the greatest shoe shine service in town, and an immaculately branded clubhouse with a full bar and an upmarket, albeit rather costly, wine list.

CP Women’s Open

The CP Women’s Open is Canada’s sole LPGA Tour professional golf event. From 1979 to 2000, the competition was held as a 54-hole tournament. The LPGA Tour, on the other hand, began conducting four-round events in 2001. The 2018 CP Women’s Open will be place at Magna Golf Club in Aurora, Ontario, from August 31 to September 6.

The CP Women’s Open has raised $10.5 million for Canadian children’s heart health. The competition has twice won the Gold Driver trophy for outstanding community engagement.

The CP Women’s Open will leave a charitable legacy. This is the country’s second-largest corporate hospitality sales event. CP will continue to be the event’s title sponsor until 2023. CP will also contribute to numerous Golf Canada programs. In addition, CP will continue to support Golf Canada’s Young Pro Squad and National Team Program.

Furthermore, the CP Women’s Open has received Gold Driver Awards for the best sponsor engagement and community involvement. CP has supported the Heart Walk for the past nine years. Brooke Henderson is the Canadian Ambassador for the CP Women’s Open. She is the first Canadian golfer to win two majors.


The exclusive membership Magna Golf Club, located near Aurora, Ontario, has an affluent environment. This course has been acclaimed by golfers like as Sergio Garcia, Mike Weir, and Annika Sorenstam. This club has an 18-hole course, a European-style clubhouse, and cutting-edge locker room amenities.

Magna Golf Club is one of Canada’s best-kept courses. The course has wide fairways, gently sloping greens, and intricate bunker systems. Doug Carrick designed the 7,300-yard course at the club. The club’s European-style clubhouse has an open-concept kitchen and towering 30-foot ceilings.

Magna Golf Club is one of Canada’s most prominent golf clubs. This exclusive club is comprised of top executives from Stronach, the company that owns the property. Throughout the year, the organization hosts social gatherings. Large lockers, showers, and steam rooms are available in the club’s dressing facilities. The club also includes a large board room where businesses may gather.

Magna Golf Club has a tiny membership. This means that the club is limited in the number of golf tournaments it may organize each year.

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