10 Warning Signs your Refrigerator Needs Repair
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10 Warning Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

Of all your appliances, the refrigerator is the one you depend on to keep your food safe and fresh for consumption. It is not surprising that you get nervous once this workhorse in your kitchen malfunctions or worse, stops running causing fridge repair, or even buying a new one.

A well-functioning refrigerator stores your perishable foods and keeps your meals fresh. You may not have noticed it, but a malfunctioning refrigerator increases your energy bills.

It is common for homeowners not to notice or even ignore warning signs of a malfunctioning refrigerator or any appliance issues including a washing machine.

This should not be the case because minor damage can lead to something more serious which can incur higher repair costs in the future or replacement. This is true not only for the refrigerator but for dishwasher repair issues, too.

1. Frost Buildup in the Freezer

Ice building up inside the freezer means your refrigerator is unable to control the temperature. At the onset, this is not an emergency case that requires a visit from repair technicians. 

A quick fix could be turning off the refrigerator. Keep the freezer door open, but the refrigerator door closed to prevent your food from spoiling. Try to consume the food in your freezer in a few days.  

After a few days, melt the ice in the freezer by pouring a pot of boiling water. You can also use a hair dryer to melt the ice.  When you are defrosting, turn on your fridge and observe it over the next few days. If ice starts to build up again, it is time to call an appliance repair technician

2. Frost Buildup at the Back of the Freezer Wall

Frost buildup at the back of your freezer wall often means there may be a crack in the door seal of your freezer/refrigerator. It could also mean that the self-defrost system of your fridge is malfunctioning.

A malfunctioning self-defrost system may mean your fridge is probably old and needs a replacement. But before you run and grab a new fridge, call a quality appliance repair service.

3. Not Cold Enough

Condensation is no big deal for your fridge. But when you notice water droplets on your food and inside the fridge, the mechanics may be malfunctioning.

Too much condensation can ruin your food. If you notice the signs of abnormal condensation, check out appliance repair companies in your area to diagnose your fridge.

4. Condensation

Condensation is no big deal for your fridge. But when you notice water droplets on your food and inside the fridge, the mechanics may be malfunctioning.

Too much condensation can ruin your food. If you notice the signs of abnormal condensation have an expert fridge repair service diagnose your fridge. 

5. Hot Motor

The motor of your fridge typically feels a little warm, but it should not be hot.

Place your hand on the back of your fridge. If you feel that it is hot, don’t hesitate to call professional technicians

Your fridge may be functioning well inside (maintaining its proper temperature), but a hot motor means it is working overtime and may break down anytime. When your fridge works overtime, it consumes more energy. 

6. Loud Refrigerator

Refrigerators are typically quiet appliances. When your refrigerator suddenly becomes noisy, check where the noise is coming from –inside, back, or bottom.

If your fridge is noisy inside, there might be something wrong with the evaporator fan which is responsible for air circulation inside the fridge and freezer.

The compressor, condenser fan, or defrost timer may be malfunctioning if the loud noise is coming from the back of your fridge. A rattling bottom means the drain pan of your fridge may be loose.

On the other hand, a loud fridge can also mean there is something wrong with the motor. To make sure what is causing your fridge to be loud, call refrigerator repair services to check on your broken fridge.

7. Refrigerator has no Sound

The opposite of a loud fridge is a fridge without any sound. Your fridge is a quiet appliance but you should hear a teeny weeny bit of sound. 

If the light is working when you open your fridge, but you are not hearing any sound, it may mean that there is something wrong with the compressor.

8. Water on the Floor

Did you happen to push your fridge out to clean the floor underneath and notice water on the floor? If you do, immediately call an appliance repair technician.

9. High Energy Bill

A malfunctioning refrigerator can result in a skyrocketing power bill.  Often, you will not notice that your fridge is not working properly. But, a higher than usual electricity bill often means an overworked fridge. Professional technicians are available 7 days a week.

10. Your Refrigerator Smells

An unusual smell inside your fridge may mean there is a refrigerant leak. This leak can turn into molds if not repaired by a professional. 


A refrigerator is an indispensable home appliance in your home. You may be tempted to fix it yourself when you notice some of the warning signs that it needs repair.

Do not attempt to fix your fridge or any washer repairs for that matter if you are not knowledgeable enough. Instead of saving a few bucks, you may end up spending more.

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